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Meet Splatterbot!

A cleaning robot gone rogue. It's about to get messy..



Frantic Local Multiplayer

Up to 4 players compete in local multiplayer to make the most mess!
Select your Splatterbot and head into the arena. Dash and Splash your color through the arena. The winner is the player with the most coverage when the timer ends.

Dynamic Environments and Powerups

Use dynamic environments to your advantage. Activate traps, bounce off the walls, avoid hazards and much more!

Test your luck with randomized power-ups. Supercharge your Splatterbot for a speed-boost, or Supersize them to make bigger messes.


Accessible to Everyone!

Simple controls and easy-to-understand goals mean that anybody can join the fray!

Splatterbot's inputs are simple, and the goal is easy to understand. Everybody knows how to make mess! It's the perfect family game.



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